martes, 5 de abril de 2011



I fight against Fires.

I teach students.

 Postal worker.

I bring boxes.


I look after patients.

> What's his name?
His name is Katheryn Hudson.

What's she like?
Singing, playing guitar and composing.

> Where's she from?
She's from Santa Barbara, California.

>  What does she do?
Singer, songwriter and actress.

>  What's her personality?
She's hardworking, outgoing and funny.


What is she wearing?
She's wearing a green t-shirt, a blue jean and a red shoes.

  • How much is the t-shirt and jean?
The t-shirt and jean it's $970.
What is he wearing?
He's wearing a white shirt and blue jean.

  •  How much is the jean?
 The jean it's $650.

What is she wearing?
She's wearing a golden dress.

  • How much is the dress?
The dress it's $1232.
What is she wearing?
She's wearing a black sweater and a black jean.

  • How much is the sweater and jean?
The sweater and jean it's $980.

viernes, 11 de marzo de 2011

Home Sweet Home

Where do you live?
I live in an apartment, a beautiful place.
I live in a villa. Well, my apartment is small but nice. There are six rooms-a Living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, two Bedrooms and a dining room.

Parts of an apartment




My favorite room is my bedroom.
Is small, fresh and comfortable

My Daily Routine!

Welcome to my Blog

Hello, world! In this blog I'm going to post my school work. I'm in the second level of the English program at URBE. I'm in the J212 class.
My name’s Xavier Bracho but you can call me AXavi!. I'm from Maracaibo, originally. I live in Maracaibo, in Tierras del sol . I'm 19 years old and I study Integral Education.
I like music, study English and Integral Education, talk on the phone, and Special Edition Chocolate.
I hate hypocrites people, get up early on the weekend,  violence, war and injustice.
About English, I love to learn new languages. I think English is very important. I listen to music in English, It’s a good exercise. The most difficult for me is speak, I need to practice.

Well, that's a little bit about me...